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You have a unique mind and individual learning preferences. We provide a rich environment to help you deeply understand programming and computer science in a new, noncanonical way.


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Courses, video, text, comics, podcasts, ebooks, PDFs. All downloadable!

Projects and products

No "Hello World!" 🙄 Build apps, something you can actually show people.

Interactive exercises

Code in browser and on your computer. Never stop building.

Teachers help

Teachers answer all of your questions every day in the community forums.


Download lecture notes and printable PDF cheatsheets made by teachers and peers.

Power of analogies

We use analogies to help you understand difficult ideas and tackle complexity.

Teachers and mentors

These wonderful people will guide you through the journey.

Rakhim Davletkaliyev

Software engineer, co-founder of Codexpanse. Python, JS, Clojure/ClojureScript. BSc., Carleton University.

Natalia Bass

Lifetime learner, designer, co-founder of Codexpanse. Creates courses and learning materials.

Farzad Y.Z.

Software engineer. Javascript, Elm, ReasonML, React, Redux, GraphQL, Open source enthusiast.

Johannes Seikowsky

CTO at codegate.com. Python, web development. B.A., University of Oxford.

Jess Wallace

Full Time Analyst. Part Time Developer. Editor of CoderStory. PHP, HTML, CSS.

Nikita Voloboev

Web developer. Head of Learn Anything, an open source website for learning any topic. JS, ReasonML, OCaml.

Shmavon Gazanchyan

Manager at Deloitte Digital (Ireland). Web development. MBus, Lancaster University.

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